David's TouchStones

See the best in everyone
Give without expectation
Be Kind

I hope everyone who encounters this blog finds inspiration, sees the beauty of the world with fresh eyes, recognizes their opportunities to be better people.

There is a higher love. Believe in it. Pursue it.

This is not a porn site, it is an anti-porn site. If it isn't beautiful, elegant...sensual and rich...uplifting and validating...if you aren't proud of the art you just made...you weren't doing it right!

Rest assured that the relentless pursuit of good towards everyone you meet will somehow return to you doubled.

Intended Audience of One

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My blog is a relentless attempt by a very smart, very seductive, very artistic and sensitive man to win one specific woman’s undivided attention. It was meant to be a powerful cohesive message. I am not a player and these affections are not transferable.

If you feel moved by these words, these…

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